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Backup for Dental Practices

Backup for Dental Practices

Interesting article about how one technology reseller is growing by selling backup technology into a specific vertical market. The HIPPAA laws for medical and dental facilities are placing increased pressure on the protection of data, especially regarding encryption which can provide a “safe harbor” from penalties associated with data breach. http://www.smbnow.com/articles/Compass-Network-Group-Protecting-SMBs Advertisements

Backup Tip

Always backup to multiple locations. If possible you should be backing up both locally, as well as to an external location, or even to a cloud destination.

I don’t recommend doing this!

I don't recommend doing this!

Can you recover from disaster?

Causes of Data Loss

44%  Hardware Failure
32%  Human Error
14%  Software Error
  7%  Virus
  3%  Natural Disaster

When was the last time you tested your backup?

Just because your backup software "verifies" your backup - this only means that data is matching up properly. It does not determine whether the data contained in the backup is what you are expecting. The only way to know for sure is to perform test restores of your backups. This is a common mistake for small businesses.